Executive Summary

TR-124 specifies a superset of requirements for broadband Residential Gateway (RG) devices that are capable of supporting a full suite of voice, data, broadcast video, video on demand and two-way video applications in broadband networks.

The requirements are grouped into modules. This means that an RG can be specified by listing the modules that the RG is expected to support. No single device is expected to support all modules.

Requirements are sometimes modified when a new TR-124 revision is created. It is therefore necessary for any identification of modules supported (or to be supported) by a RG also note which TR-124 revision was used to generate the module list.

TR-124 Issue 2 updated TR-124 Issue 1 to include requirements for IPv6.

TR-124 Issue 3 clarifies and corrects TR-124 Issue 2 and defines new profiles.

TR-124 Issue 4 defines several new profiles.

TR-124 Issue 5:

TR-124 Issue 6:

TR-124 Issue 7: