3 Technical Report Impact

3.1 Energy Efficiency

TR-124 contains regional power requirements for Residential Gateway (RG) devices. In general, there is an expectation that these devices will meet all local regulatory requirements for powering and energy consumption.

3.2 IPv6

Issue 2 of this Technical Report was published specifically to provide requirements needed for deployment of IPv6 capable RGs. Issue 3 includes a number of minor extensions, corrections and clarifications.

3.3 Security

The requirements in TR-124 are intended to provide a reasonably secure environment for general consumers, while ensuring that the functionality is usable by consumers, such that they do not feel that the degree of security is preventing them from accomplishing what they want to do.

The requirements are also intended to ensure that the RG does not have a negative impact on the security of the access network and other users of the access network.

3.4 Privacy

TR-124 does not explicitly address privacy requirements.