1 Purpose and Scope

1.1 Purpose

TR-124 presents a superset of requirements for broadband Residential Gateway devices that are capable of supporting a full suite of voice, data, broadcast video, video on demand and two-way video applications in broadband networks.

1.2 Scope

A Residential Gateway implementing the general requirements of TR-124 will incorporate at least one embedded WAN interface, routing, bridging, a basic or enhanced firewall, one or multiple LAN interfaces and home networking functionality that can be deployed as a consumer self-installable device.

TR-124 specifies a baseline of Residential Gateway device and application functions needed to support service delivery in routed and bridged broadband network architectures. Devices can be specified that will operate on any of the different types of Broadband Forum defined network architectures. This allows service providers to configure a Residential Gateway supporting specified TR-124 modular requirements locally via TR-064i2 and Web Graphical User Interface or remotely via TR-069.

TR-124 provides optional requirements modules for various physical broadband interfaces (e.g. xDSL, Ethernet, GPON) and home networking (LAN) interfaces that may be implemented on Residential Gateways to meet local service provider needs. Furthermore, to accommodate common region-specific service provider requirements that do not apply globally, additional regional annexes are included in the TR-124 requirements that may be included in region-specific product profiles (e.g. North American Power and Environmental requirements).

It is intended that these general requirements modules and WAN/LAN interface modules can be used as references to define a specific product implementation that may be needed in future Broadband Forum Technical Reports. This checklist style product profile approach (shown in the “Product Profile Template” section in APPENDIX VI is intended to provide an easy mechanism to define a specific product that is needed by region or by service providers. An example of such a product profile is TR-068 Base Requirements for an ADSL Modem with Routing, which refers to TR-124 feature modules and regional annexes.

These requirements are both backward and forward-looking. They attempt to address the needs of current DSL services and architectures as well as starting to address future needs. Some requirements have been included in support of TR-059, TR-064i2, TR-069, TR-101i2 and TR-122. Any CPE that claims to be compliant with these technical requirements must meet the requirements that reference those documents. It is understood that a CPE that does not claim to be compliant with these referenced requirements may or may not meet any or all of these requirements. On a periodic basis, new general requirements and physical interface modules may be added in future revisions of TR-124.

Requirements are sometimes modified when a new TR-124 revision is created. It is therefore necessary for any identification of modules supported (or to be supported) by a RG also note which TR-124 revision was used to generate the module list.